Birthday Cakes

- Order at LINE ID: forestbakebkk

- Our Birthday Cakes standard sizes are 1,2 and 3 pounds for all menus.


Earl Grey cake: 1 pound: -1200B/2 pounds: -1400B/3 pounds: -1600B

Coconut cake: 2 pounds:1600B/3 pounds: -1800B

Carrot cake, Hummingbird cake, Cheesecake: 1 pound: -1400B/2 pounds: -1600B/3 pounds: -1800B

All kinds of berries cake and Fresh Berries Almond Cake: 1 pound: -1500B/2 pounds: -1700B/3 pounds: -1900B

*Special birthday cakes are to be pre-ordered 3 days ahead and to be picked up at the store only*

*no cancellation nor refund once the order is processed*